Fees/Trading Terms


We are not cheap and nasty nor are we pricey – we have dedicated our pricing around our clients, who are small to medium sized entities, and in the knowledge and expertise we deliver as their business partner.

In general our work is charged on a time engaged basis, although we are happy to work with you on a number of different fee structures to suit the assignment:

  • Hourly rate
  • Quote
  • Estimate
  • Fixed fee

Our standard rates are $360 per hour (excluding GST) for a Partner and range from $115.00 to $220.00 (excluding GST) for a team member.

We invoice work as it is completed or at the end of the month so that large invoices do not accumulate.

We don’t charge for casual phone and email advice… you no longer have to dread calling the accountant.

Trading terms

Our standard payment terms are 7 days from date of invoice. We also issue monthly statements.

We are happy to negotiate other terms to suit and we encourage our clients to consider monthly automatic payments in order to help with their cash flow, and ours.

A copy of our full Client Statement and Terms of Engagement is available on request.