Organisation Review

Why we developed this service

    • As a business owner do you find you are wearing too many hats?
    • Do you have clearly defined departments and functions within your organisation?
    • Does every employee have clarity about their role and responsibilities?
    • Do you have job descriptions for every role in your organisation?


In order for a business to run effectively and efficiently there needs to be a clear Organisation Chart which visually defines departments, functions, roles and responsibilities.  Not only for the current structure, but also for one that is scalable for future growth.  

We offer this service to assist you in constructing your own Organisation Chart, giving you clarity of the key functions within your business and who has responsibility for them.  An updated Organisation Chart will allow your business to be more sustainable, scalable and, ultimately, saleable.


Who should use this service?

If you are feeling overwhelmed in terms of the number of different tasks you are trying to do and / or have employees who could be supporting you more, then we recommend this.  It will be an opportunity for you to define who should be doing what to improve efficiency and give you more time to concentrate on your main activities.


What is involved?

You will attend an initial full day planning meeting with us to:

  • Discuss the 5 fundamentals to develop an Organisation Chart.
  • Discuss the 3 key principles you must adhere to when developing or modifying your Organisation Chart.
  • Review our structured process for creating an Organisation Chart.
  • Utilise our Organisation Chart template as a starting point.
  • Receive recommendations for the next steps for you to develop the first draft.


Over the coming weeks you will then prepare a draft copy to submit to us for review and discussion prior to a final meeting where we will finalise your organisational structure.


When should I have a session?

If no clear job roles or position responsibilities exist within your organisation then we advise that you begin this project as soon as possible.  Also, if you are planning for expansion it will help clarify roles and responsibilities required for a sustainable, scalable and saleable organisation.



  • Increases your ability to make effective strategic decisions
  • Helps you to understand the key functions within your business and who should be responsible for them
  • Gives you a clear definition of the internal structure of your business
  • Allows you to determine ideal roles for the business as opposed to fitting roles to the people on your Team
  • We will act as a sounding board for you to discuss your ideas
  • Gain access to our collective wisdom; our systems, products and services
  • Develops a business structure that you understand and have created
  • Increases efficiency and productivity in your business model
  • Gives you a structure to support the future plans for your business
  • Provides clarity for your Team about their defined roles, responsibilities and career development opportunities
  • Increases Team satisfaction as they know what is expected of them within their roles
  • Gives clarity on what functions can be outsourced
  • Allows your business to be more sustainable, scalable and ultimately saleable
  • Frees up time for you to concentrate on revenue generating activities