We offer a complete range of services

More than just traditional accounting – together we can achieve practical business solutions using vision, creativity and expertise.

Our aim is to help you navigate the complex and often confusing financial to'do lists a business or an individual needs to go through. Below is a list of services we offer. It is not an exhaustive list - please use it as a thought starter, and get in touch with one of our friendly consultants if you have questions.


  • Business Development

  • Xero & The Cloud

  • Accountancy Services

  • Tax and Compliance

Business Development

Our suite of business development services enables you to build a tangible vision for your business and take calculated steps to achieving it. We will work with you to unlock and realise your potential.


Complimentary Client Review

As a valued client, you’ll receive at least one Complimentary Client Review (CCR).  In fact, this is an annual event for a number of our clients.  The CCR is an opportunity for you to set and review your goals and gives you clarity around the actions you need to take to achieve those goals.  It also stimulates strategic discussion and identifies burning issues, opportunities and challenges so that you respond effectively.  And of course, it’s an opportunity for our Team to identify greater tax efficiencies and asset protection.


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Business Planning

A great business planning process gets to the heart and soul of your business.  Upon completion of ‘pre-work’ we’ll have a greater understanding of your vision and core values in order to facilitate a four hour planning session to help you create a clear Business Plan.

The outcome of this service is to identify and prioritise goals, both short term and long term, create strategies to achieve your goals, enable you to review actual performance against targets and establish a 90 day action plan to address immediate and critical issues.

Importantly, this process eliminates a factor that is all too common in business – procrastination.


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Quarterly Coaching

As a business owner you can at times feel alone and unsupported, spending little time working on your business and trapped in the day to day technical aspects.  Our Quarterly Coaching service provides you with increased accountability and support so that you achieve the results you want from your business.  The outcomes include increased profitability and cash flow, customised reporting templates to measure actual performance against forecasts and access to an expert sounding board to ensure you continue working towards your goals.


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Financial Awareness Coaching

We’ll help you to understand your business better, enabling you to better manage your cashflow.  Good management decisions rely on a sound understanding of the financial implications for your business.  This service involves meeting with us every two months to discuss your financial results, culminating in you learning to produce and interpret your own customised financial reports on a monthly basis.


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Core Values

Core Values are the essence of a company’s identity; they support the vision and shape the culture of an organisation.  Core Values cannot be plagiarised and made to fit an organisation.  They need to be developed from within to be authentic to your company and employees.

Experience has shown that the most effective way to develop Core Values is by having a neutral facilitator lead the process.  We’ve developed an effective service that allows you to create Core Values for your business – providing a great foundation and guide for the way your Team interact with clients and each other.


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Organisational Review

Many businesses don’t have clarity around their team’s defined roles and responsibilities. This often results in owners wearing too many ‘hats’, which impacts on the time and energy spent focusing on the core activities that create real value for the business.

We’ll help provide clarity of the key functions within your business and who should have responsibility for them, allowing your business to be more sustainable, scalable and, ultimately saleable.


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KPI Improvement

The better you understand your business, the easier it will be to increase your profits and free up cashflow.  We’ve developed this service to enable business owners to work out what the key drivers are in their business (we call these Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs).  We want you to learn how to measure them accurately, then apply strategies and tactics to improve each KPI.


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Financial Forecasting

The lack of planning and control of cash resources is often the reason given for the failure of many small businesses. By undertaking good financial forecasting, businesses can help reduce this business risk.

Forecasting is the process for projecting estimates of two essential financial outcomes for business – your projected income and expenses.

Our financial forecast is your business plan in numbers. We can develop a financial forecast appropriate for your position, based on discussions with you around target setting and the objectives you wish to achieve.


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Xero & The Cloud

The beauty of Xero is not that it is the world’s most intuitive and efficient accounting software but it is the foundation for moving your business to the cloud. With over 500 applications that plug into the Xero ecosystem you can tailor your own simple product suite to meet your needs. Reducing the time, cost and risk involved in maintaining legacy software and processes so you can spend your time in the areas that drive value in your business.

  • Xero implementation and conversions
  • Xero training
  • Xero support
  • Xero add-on consultancy



Xero add-on partners we work with


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Accountancy Services

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Monthly and quarterly management reporting
  • Bookkeeping (monthly, quarterly, or annual)
  • Accounting system setup and support
  • Payroll processing
  • Cash flow, budgeting and forecasting
  • Business Structuring
  • Advice on Trust structures for asset protection and tax minimisation
  • Professional Trustee service
  • Business valuations
  • Matrimonial asset valuations
  • Companies Office administration / Statutory requirements
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Tax and Compliance

  • Annual financial reporting
  • Preparation of all types of taxation returns
  • Tax advisory services
  • GST
  • PAYE
  • Fringe Benefit Tax
  • Tax payment reminders and estimates
  • Taxation structuring
  • IRD liaison
  • Management of your tax account with IRD
  • Assistance with IRD disputes or audits
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