Quarterly Coaching

Why we developed this service

  • At times as a business owner do you feel alone and unsupported?
  • Do you find it difficult to make time to work on your business rather than in the business?
  • Are you keen to find new ways and strategies to improve performance and overcome business challenges?
  • Would you value having a regular forum with an independent third party to discuss your burning issues and opportunities?


We appreciate that owning your own business is hard work; the purpose of Quarterly Coaching is to provide you with accountability and support to keep you on target towards achieving the goals you have set in your Business Plan.  We will ensure your Business Plan remains a living, working document and is a filter through which all decisions are made.


Who should attend?

If you’re passionate about your business performance and want to achieve your goals then we recommend this service to you.  Quarterly Coaching gives you dedicated time to make better business decisions, using the best information and with support from your Coach.  We will hold you accountable for your actions and ensure that you reach your targets.


What is involved?

This coaching programme consists of quarterly meetings with one of our senior team members as well as phone and email support.  The purpose of each meeting is to review your actual results, clarify areas where you can improve your business performance, set 90 day goals and identify strategies to achieve them.  

As a result of each meeting you will develop a realistic 90 day action plan with timelines to keep you on track to achieve your annual Business Plan.  You will have unlimited access to our expertise and resources to enable you to implement best business practice.


When should I get a review?

Ideally Quarterly Coaching takes place once you have completed a Business Plan, so it becomes the guide against which all operational and personal decisions are made.  However, the Quarterly Coaching programme may also be used as a vehicle and guide to work through major changes in your business circumstances or to help you implement a strategic or succession plan.



  • Increased accountability and support from your Coach to enable you to achieve your desired results
  • Increases profitability and cash flow
  • We will work with you to determine a process to report your actual results against your budget
  • Gives you an understanding the key drivers of your business and what impacts them
  • Identifies and solves your burning issues
  • Gives you access to an expert sounding board, so you can discuss your ideas and the impact of these prior to making any decisions within the business
  • Improves business performance by identifying ways to overcome challenging issues   
  • Keeps your Business Plan as a ‘living document’ to ensure you are working towards your goals  
  • Alignment amongst the Directors in terms of prioritising what projects are important (if applicable)
  • Access the collective wisdom of our accountants; our systems, products and services