Ben and Rachel Hickmer, Coastscapes Ltd, Whangaparoa

DVA Business Development Services:

  • Complimentary Client Review
  • Business Plan
  • Quarterly Coaching

Designing a profitable business to fit with family.
When landscaper Ben Hickmer decided to go out on his own and set up Coastscapes, his initial goal was to match the salary he was earning from his previous employer. But there was more to it than just the money. Ben is the busy father of two kids, and his wife is a fulltime senior executive – so he wanted his business to fit in with life at home.

When DVA first engaged with Ben, he was enduring the headaches that are common with setting up a new business.

His personable style and commitment to quality allowed him to develop relationships that saw a strong demand for his services – particularly in large residential developments. From a business point-of-view this was great, but in terms of helping out as a stay-at-home Dad, it needed work.

Taking the first step with DVA.
Our work with Ben and Rachel, began with a Complimentary Client Review – discussing their personal goals, business goals, challenges and issues and where we could help them. From this meeting it was clear to see that there was no clarity about what their goals were, how the business factored into this and there were challenges and issues all over the place (specifically managed growth).Formulating a Business Plan.

Booking in Quarterly Coaching.
We decided we could manage their issues and achieve their goals by developing a Business Plan. But we also wanted to hold the couple accountable and provide the ongoing support that’s needed to overcome obstacles and challenges. Which we made happen with ongoing Quarterly Coaching.


DVA helped Ben and Rachel get clarity around their family and business goals and with our support they followed through on an action plan designed to achieve them.

Their focus saw the company net profit grow by 100% in one financial year, Rachel has now exited her previous role and is the General Manager of Coastscapes. Their financial success has helped them to purchase a rental property (their second home) and Ben bought the family a new boat!

The updated plan has Coastscapes doubling their profit again in the next 12 months to 18 months.

“Engaging with DVA was the best move we could have made for our business. Having a third party help us clearly outline our future goals with a Business Plan and keeping us accountable with their Quarterly Coaching service, has meant we have achieved what we initially didn’t think was possible.  We have doubled our profit in a year and more importantly we now have much more time to spend with our family.”

Rachel from Coastscapes

Ross Fisher, IT Confidence Ltd

DVA Business Development Services:

  • Complimentary Client Review
  • Business Plan
  • Quarterly Coaching

Creating a clear path ahead.
As the name suggests, IT Confidence is an IT services and support business. The key issue for Ross was motivation. While we prepared him monthly management reports with commentary – we were unable to benchmark these figures against a specific goal – in essence, there weren’t any.

First step Complimentary Client Review
We arranged for a Complimentary Client Review to discuss personal goals, business goals, challenges and issues to work out where we could help him. The outcome was that Ross was comfortable with his current situation, but it was clear there was the lot of untapped potential in the business.

Lighting the way – Business Plan and Quarterly Coaching
From here we went into a Business Plan and Quarterly Coaching; two services that would create a clear path for Ross, give him motivation to achieve set goals and hold him to account in achieving his targets. We delivered his business plan and the penny-drop moment was when we built the vision of what his business would look like in 5 years time and outlined with Ross the doable actions to get there.


Ross began executing his plan around building his team, understanding his margins, acquiring new customers and achieving his turnover goals, and the business began to take off. One of the main benefits Ross felt through the process was the ability to regularly discuss the results as they happened. We helped him understand his numbers in a way that was relatable and so he could validate everything he was doing, every step of the way.

By the third quarter Ross had already met his turnover targets, so we had to set a new target, which equated to a significant lift in profit. By financial year end, Ross had achieved a record turnover and take home profit. Working closely with Ross has meant we’ve moved away from a traditional accounting service that he may only engage with once a year, to regular contact providing trusted, valuable advice.

“Working with DVA is more than just working with my accountants, I can see the results as they happen and I fully trust their advice. We have doubled our profit in a year and more importantly, I feel like I understand the numbers and now have control over where my business is heading.”

Ross Fisher IT Confidence Limited